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Chin gameplay)


My short Gameplay

Hi Rabugri!

Thank you for the video and for playing! I hope you had fun :)

Two pieces of critizm: the aiming line disconects with the actual aiming circle(switch the order of the code), and the ending music is a bit off (find better music).

Hey, Popfly! Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I'll check that out. About the music, did you see the little message right below the "Results" title? I thought it would be fun to put that music and that message :D

I enjoyed this game alot! so i made a video on it :) Check it out 


I decided to give this game a spin, boy it's harder than I thought. Fun game, Check it out! -STEVIE D

Hey, Stevied!

Thank you so much for playing and for the video :D

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Hey I played this game, here my gameplay, if you liked it, make sure that you subscribe on my channel! - Smylex

Hey Smylex! Thank you for playing and for the video! I had fun watching it hahaha


Este juego se me parece un poco a call of dutty zombies al igual que es un poco random xD , pero bueno aqui les dejo mi video de este juego llamado pigeons attack que subi a mi canal de youtube espero que les guste 

Thank you for the video, TheSanty! You're right, COD Zombies was the main inspiration :D Thanks for playing.

This game is amazing!!!

Play as Kids.


This game reminds us of Call of Duty zombies, but with pigeons! It was super fun to play, but rather challenging. We would always find ourselves waaaay outnumbered after a few waves. This is definitely a fund couch game that's kid-friendly, which is really cool! We made a video of us playing, too: 

Thank you so much! COD Zombies was the main inspiration :D I used to play the Black Ops I a lot, more than the campaing and multiplayer hahaha I'll tweak the difficulty, sorry for that. Thanks for playing!


This game is amazing!!! If you have not yet tried this game, then stop reading reviews, and just try it


Thank you so much, Spiredlamb!


this game is kind of like c.o.d zombies i love it

Thanks Sliddog! COD Zombies was the main inspiration :D I used to play it a lot


Even though I was terrible at the game, I still enjoyed it. It ran well and I didn't have any bugs (which is something I don't usally see in a indie game). I would definetly reccomend to a friend! 


Thank you Mutant Gamer! Nice to know that :D I still need to tweak the difficulty, I think it's too hard right now.

Thank you so much for playing and for the video!


Thanks for replying. Maybe you could have different difficulty settings. So people like me can enjoy the game while still not being very good, but other people who find that too easy could increase the difficulty setting for more of a challenge tailored for them.


You helped my evening go much better! thank you!

Thank you Nuttyape! I'm glad to know that :D

Thank you so much for playing and for the video! I had fun watching it.


Funny little survival game. Damn i hate those dirty pigeons so much.

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Hey RVZ! Thanks for the video! I liked the intro hahaha I also liked the SAO posters on the wall :D

Thank you so much for playing!

No need to thank me, thank you for making the game. Pigeons are still dirty though. xD


I loved this! So much fun, all round death, cute artsytle!

Thanks FatalSnail! I'm glad you liked the game :D I guess the pigeons didn't like you, they were too harsh on you hahaha

Thank you so much for playing and for the video!


Fun little game, would like to see more enemy variety but overall a good laugh!


Thanks MADGaming! There are 4 types of pigeons right now (there will be more), but they appear on higher rounds, starting from round 5. Thank you for the suggestions! I liked the intro hahaha

Thank you so much for playing and for the video!

You're very welcome! Glad you liked the vid :)


This game is really fun! I didn't think i'd be so into it, but I was and I loved every part of it! 

Thanks Pecan! I'm glad to know that :D The green ones do hurt the other pigeons around them. I liked the health gen rune suggestion, I might try that.

Thank you so much for playing and for the video! I had fun watching it!


DOPE game, reminds me of one last night which is a game with the same concept, I liked the whole shooting at a perspective, I call it "Satellite" aiming lol as weird as it sounds, and sure there is an actual name for it, but I mean was fun to play and I dont think I have had fun playing a shooter in a long time, thank you devs for the experience, and best wishes to a complete version! :D

Thanks Syphongames! I'm glad to hear that. 

I didn't know about this game, I'll take a look. You were right, tha game was inspired by COD's Zombie mode :D I laughed so hard at 3:24 hahahahahaha Currently there is only one way of getting health, but I'm planning to put other ways.

Thank you so much for playing and for making the video! I had fun watching it.


I return with a second video for this game of exploding pigeons. Took the information gained from before and did less poorly and had more fun. I like those results.

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Wow, I'm glad you made a second video! Sorry for the magnet bug, I'll check that out. I would love to make a mode where all the maps are connected (they do are a path). I was thinking about an adventure mode, but that's for a future plan. Unfortunately I don't have time and money to do this right now. But I will try to think in other simple game modes to vary the gameplay.

"She's seen some crap" hahahaha Thank you so much for playing and for the suggestions Skydjinn!


Eh, bugs happen. It wasn't anything game breaking, so it's fine. As for the maps and modes, you do you as you're able. I was just rattling off stuff while having fun killing birds, heheh.


Hello there fellow game searchers... If you are looking to play this game, i have done a video on it to see if it is great for you! Its fun, silly, and a jumpstart on what you should do during a pigeon invasion!

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Hey SuperSeizer! I had fun watching your video hahaha Thank you so much for playing!


Thank you for making this silly little game that really peaked my interest!

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Hi there. I just wanted to let you know I played your game and made a video of it, I hope that's okay. I really enjoyed this game, even though I was bad at it, but I'm bad at most games >.>

So I wanted to thank you for making this cool little game, and I wish you a lot of success with it. 


Thank you so much NerdVine! Actually, the game is too hard right now, I'll tweak that haha. The goal is to survive as many hordes as you can.

Thank you for playing and making the video. Say hi to the pigeon living in your house for me :D

My pleasure I love making videos and hopefully bringing a little bit of attention to fun games like these. For still being in Alpha I thought the game was a lot of fun and you have a lot of good things going for it. 

I have a lot of respect for the fact that you are trying to improve your game as much as possible, and are welcoming and encouraging feedback. I'm sorry I can't leave any constructive criticism I'm not very good at that kind of thing, but I wish you the best of luck with this game. I'm excited to play a more finalized version in the future.


Thanks NerdVine! No problem :) Even not explicitly saying criticsms, I wrote down some points to improve/check while watching you play. That will help me a lot. By the way, is it you who draws the girl on your thumbnails? I liked the manga style.


Hi Nevasca, I glad my silly video could help you in some small way. Thank you I'm glad you like my drawing, it's something I've been working on recently.  And yes I draw all my thumbnails myself, it actually took me longer to draw those pigeons than it did my avatar XD Gosh I can only imagine how long it took you to model your pigeons.

Hi Nevasca! i just got this game and it crash report, how i fix this?

The crash report folder name ''2017-07-24_140938'' next to game executable 

How i Fix this? 

Hi PhuTheGaming! Sorry for that. When does it happen? What are your PC specs?



Hey DaniSans!

You can buy other weapons in other parts of the map. Actually, there was one where you died at the end of the video :D

Thank you for playing and for making the video!


I  R8  8\8  M8 cause it's GR8

Hi Rubixcubb! Why do you think that?


good game

Thanks Kukaxa!

Deleted 5 years ago

Thanks Meowchele! It's an honor to know that you chose my game as your first gameplay video :D Thank you so much for playing!





torn between fun game and killing poor birb friends

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Hey Lineyatronic!

I liked the eyebrows you drew in the thumbnail hahaha After buying a rune, you need to equip it on the character selection menu by clicking on the "Rune" button. Sorry for not explaining that inside the game.

Thank you so much for playing and making the video :D


My microsoft paint skills are off the hook!!! lol but seriously thank you for the advice. I might do a second video to show more off (like the runes). Its a little difficult but its fun.



J'ai décidé d'essayer le jeu en vidéo! J'ai franchement aimé se petit test et je crois que se jeu à un réel potentiel !

Good Job! :D


Thanks Abanix! Also thanks for playing and making the video :D


A little slow starting out, but I can see this game having plenty of potential. I spent about an hour grinding money in it and had fun as I got better at killing the evil pigeons.

Good job on this and good luck with future updates! Keep up the good work.

As a side note, you may want to add blinking animations to the people. Or eyelids. As things are now, they have a sort of thousand yard stare going on and it's mildly creepy for such a cartoony game, especially seeing them in the tavern/shop.

(2 edits)

Thank you Skydjinn! Also thank you for the blinking animation suggestion, that would be a nice update.

I'm sorry for the prices, I'll adjust them to make the game more fast. About the things you can buy during the match, you don't use the coins below your character's avatar, you use the points that are shown on the upper-right corner. The coins you collect are used just to buy runes, unlock maps and new characters. I'll put some tutorial to explain that inside the game. Sorry for leaving you in the dark.

Thank you so much for playing and for making the video!


No problem. And while this is totally optional, maybe have changing facial expressions for the character icon in the top corner when fighting. Or maybe have bandages appear on the face once they reach low health or something. Just for a bit of personality. Little details.

After spending...quite a while farming money for the permanent upgrades - which felt more justified in price - I finally learned how to get the bonus money at the end of a round, which helped speed things along some. Or at least I think I figured that out, heh.  Any adjustments to the prices shouldn't be too great. Instead, perhaps a clearer in-game explanation on money making or how the bonus is earned.
Thanks for the information about using points to buy things during the fight. Despite spending so much time in the game now, I somehow never noticed that and kept thinking it was coins.

You're welcome. Thanks for making the game.


I did a review of the game and had some criticisms. Saw that it was in alpha, though, so I am sure it will be greatly approved. ;)

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Hey Nunnelly! Thank you for your honesty, I appreciate that.

1) I'll try to improve the illumination.
2) I'll put more tutorials to help the player to understand what's going on. Maybe when he walks near something new, like an upgrade or new weapon, the time stops and the help is shown. I think it will help to avoid what you said about the rush of reading and avoiding the enemies.
3) The solid colors for the meshes are actually a limitation of mine. I'm doing the project alone and I don't know how to make hand painted textures or how to mix already made ones so they can look nice together. I need to study more about art or work with someone.
4) Sorry for the loud music, I'll fix that.
5) I'll also fix the prices. I agree with you, they are really expensive right now.
6) There are more enemies and there will be more (thank you for the suggestions btw). They appear on higher levels. The first new one is shown on round 5.
7) Currently there is only one way of getting health, but I'm planning to make other alternatives.

Thank you so much for the criticisms, I'll do my best to improve the game.
I took a look at your portifolio. You have awesome works. Congrats :)


THE WAR IS ON! Now this game is awesome! Fun casual indie game. Actually requires a little strategy. Watch me play it here. 

Thanks Chugada Cheese! I had fun watching you trying to save the world hahaha I have to  tweak the game difficulty, I think it's too hard right now.
Thank you for playing and for making the video! Btw, what's the name of the song you used at 6:20? I liked that.

Thanks for watching! It is pretty hard at the moment but still really fun. That's a royalty free song i found on youtube's audio library fittingly called "Action Hero"!


Hola Amigos, loved playing the new games and will even be playing this offline for a bit of fun.

Hola Novato! I'm glad that you liked the game! Congrats for reaching round 9 hahaha Currently there is only one way of getting health (you were prety close from getting it, it's an upgrade somewhere on the map). The damage you take even after killing the pigeon is actually a bug I need to fix, sorry for that.

Thank you so much for play and for making the video! I had fun watching it.

Thanks, gutted I was close the health... could have reached new heights! I look forward to the update. Keep me posted


Really fun game! i am really bad at it! but i still had a lot of fun playing it!

Thanks SimpleIrishGamer! I'm glad you liked! I need to work more in the game difficulty, I think it's too hard right now hahaha sorry for that.
You need to equip the runes you buy to make them work. This can be done at the character selection menu > runes.

Thank you so much for playing and making the video!


Really fun to play!  It's like COD Zombies but with Pigeons!


Hey Charmeager! I'm glad you liked! Indeed, COD Zombies was the main inspiration for this game :D

- The "Espace" is actually the space bar, I made a grammar mistake, sorry for that (it just works if you buy a rune on the main menu's store)
- The first gun you can buy is the same as the one you start with. I put that in case you run out of ammo and have few points left. But you gave me the idea of selling it with a little more damage, thanks!
- The green pigeons do hurt the other pigeons arround them when they explode.

Thank you so much for playing and making the gameplay video!

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I thought that was very good, a little hard to figure out but once you understand the mechanics of the game I think its pretty good methods on how you can keep replaying and eventually succeed.  If I see this on Gamejolt I will show my support there too.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

(1 edit)

Hey Fellowplayer! I'm so glad that you liked! Also congrats for reaching such a high wave. There is no ranking system right now (there will be), but I think you got the record :D

Thanks for the feedback about the crossbow. I'll tweak it to make it more useful against the evil pigeons.
The blue boxes are actually max ammo and your weapon damage is shown next to the sword icon on the bottom-right. I'll put some tutorials explaining these stuff in further updates. Sorry for leaving you in the dark.

Thank you so much for playing and making the video! I had fun watching it :)


Played this hilarious game!  One criticism i do have is that i kept dying before i could get anywhere.. i'd get 2k pts and open up and area but from there i need a further 1500 to do anything else so i found myself stuck :(

Still a hilarious game tho!

Hey Banana Ben! Great video! I had fun watching it hahahaha

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you, I need to fix the game difficulty, especially the prices. Sorry for that.
Currently there is only one way to get more health. It's an upgrade somewhere in the map. I'm thinking about some other easier way to recover health.

Thank you so much for playing and for making the gameplay video!


COO COO MOTHERF*CKER ! | Pigeons Attack Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

Congrats for the video, SirfancyLot! I had fun watching it. “They are waiting for me to buy something, but I'm gonna surprise them by not buying anything” hahahahhahaha best tactic ever!

Thanks for showing that grammar mistake at 2:09, I didn't see that.
About the "explosion", it's actually a bug that you get hurt even after defeating the pigeon. Sorry for that, I'll fix it.
The Dash (Space bar) only works if you are using a rune. You can find it in the store (main menu).

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!


It is a fun game, I definitely enjoyed it very much :) Wish you the best !

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What's up everyone? My name is Slester, This game is solid in my opinion. I only encounter one bug  which is  pigeons hits you even though they are dead sometimes.  So here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it! 


What's up Slester! Great video! I laughed a lot hahahaha you pass so much energy while making the video!
Sorry for the damage bug, I'll fix it.
Thank you so much for playing and making the gameplay video. Also thanks for the CoD comparison. I used to play a lot the Black Ops Zombie Mode, which is actually the main inspiration for the game.


Haha no worries! good luck with the game man.



I'm so happy that you liked! Congrats for the video, Craven! I laughed so hard watching it hahahaha (don't let pigeons deceive you with their cute staring and dancing)
At 3:24 you used the Ultimate (R button when the blue bar is full), I'll put some tutorial explaining it in further updates, including some other way of getting health.

Thank you so much for playing and for the video, Craven!


No Thank you for making a great GAME!


So many pigeons... I just need that unlimited ammo upgrade. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

hahahaha or maybe a nuke. I had fun watching your video, Cryptic :D "Birdpocalypse" hahaha

1) Sorry about the damage even after killing the pigeons, I'll fix that and the items pickup time (I'm not that evil).
2) About the runes, I'm trying to find a good price for them. I agree with you, they are too expensive right now. The dark ones you can buy once and use whenever you want (without loosing them).
3) I'll put more tutoriais about gameplay and UI. When that upper-left blue bar fills out, that wierd sound you heard (14:28) is played and you can use the Ultimate (R button).  Sorry for not explaining that (the pigeons had no mercy and took advantage of that)
4) I'll improve the Warrior's gameplay. There are some swords you can use from distance. Holding the attack button for a while (with enough mana) and releasing you can perform its special attack. I decided to put other characters with different gameplay to be more of an action game, not just a shooter.
5) There will be more characters, maps, weapons and enemies (btw, the bazooka was a great ideia, thank you).

Thank you so much for playing and making a video with suggestions. I wrote everything down so I can improve the game. Be careful, pigeons also use YouTube, now they know you too.


Hey, I'm glad you like the video. And thank you for the explanations, they will come in handy in future attacks. First, I'll want to unlock the second map. 

I prefer the range attacks but I'll get melee characters more tries. And yes, a bazooka would clean up pigeons nicely I think. Looking forward to updates. I hope the pigeons that use YouTube subscribe to my channel although I think they would just want to come and make nasty comments. :) 

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