Health potion, new enemies and improvements

Hi there!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the incredible feedback I recieved during the last two months. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game. Even those who didn't like that much, they took their time to explain why and pointed out things to improve. I also had a lot of fun watching the gameplay videos.

One of the most requested thing was a way of getting health. Previously, it was only possible by reaching an especifc area and buying a Health Upgrade for 2500pts, but that was a hard task to do (pigeons are tough).  That's why I've added 3 new ways for it:

  • Pigeons can now drop potions that increase your health by 20 points;
  • There is a place  on the map where you can buy 3 of these potions for 800pts;
  • You can purchase runes at the main menu's store that allow you to start with 3 health potions (+10, +20 or +30) in your inventory.

"Isn't this going to make the game too easy?", actually not. The chances of dropping potions are not high. Each enemy has a different probability value, the value is slightly increased if it's rare one. If you constantly buy the 3 potions for 800pts, you won't have enough money to buy other upgrades to survive higher rounds. You have to use them with concious. "With great potions comes great responsibility" or something like that.

We negotiated with the pigeons and now they can drop health potions, but they also brought new types of enemies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To vary the gameplay, I've added more types of enemies. Here is a sneak peek:

Changes in the game difficulty were also made. On the first rounds, pigeons are slower and they don't spawn too fast, now the player can get used with the controls and how the game works easier. On the other hand, the higher the wave, the higher is the damage they do. The game is still challenging.

The Upgrades were also tweaked. Their price are now linearly increased. For example:

Upgrade price after buying

Version 0.6.1: 1500 -> 3000 -> 6000 -> 12000 -> ...

After the changes: 1500 -> 3000 -> 4500 -> 9000 -> ...

Upgrades releated to weapons now have an especific price for each weapon. "What do you mean?". Let me say you made a damage upgrade for your Machine Gun for 1500pts, now the next upgrade is increased to 3000pts. You bought a TriShotgun and also want to make its first damage upgrade, but when you reach it, it asks you for the 3000pts. That was unfair. Now if you also want to upgrade your TriShotgun, the price will start from the beggining (1500pts) and it is increased by how many times you have upgraded your currently weapon.

I believe balancing a game is one of the hardest quests in game development. Thanks to your feedback, the game is now improved. There is still a long road to walk and I will keep you guys posted about further news and changes :D

Thank you again for playing and for you attention!


Bruno Sanches

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